Can you Smell It?

The crisp smell of Fall is in the air. Wood smoke from a distant chimney mixes with the smell of leaves and the residue of rain which is trailing off. Nope, that’s not what I smell. I smell Horse Stuff. We have gotten several loads of Horse Stuff. Horse Stuff is good for our flowers […]

These are the people in your neighborhood

We’ve noticed an increase in the people in our neighborhood – specifically skunks and raccoons. Over the last week the musk of skunks, the chatter of raccoons and the tell tale digging of possums have shown up on the homestead.  We are letting the garden flame out and will be tilling up to put out […]



Dear Farm Journal: Having chickens has been a treat!  They are really smart and unique animals.  This morning as I sat on my prayer porch Sophia (our smallest) came to the door and let me pet her.  She acted like she wanted to be invited in.  She hung around as I continued to study and […]