Farmers Journal

Chainsaw Therapy

My grandmother had a saying – you can let a lot of stress out the end of a hoe. With three boys, I imagine she understood that better than many. For me, I find that a little chainsaw therapy goes a long way. That said, Saturday was a full bore release. I had a friend […]

Nothing wrong with that

I’m sitting here watching a brush pile shrink from a 4 foot high pile of dry wood, to ashes. The fire is dying down now, the chickens are settling into their coop, and the lightning bugs are coming out. There are a hundred things that need to be done.  I need to clean up around […]

Little Tomatoes

Do the hard stuff first. This is advice that I have heard in a number of venues. The idea is really to focus your efforts on getting more done. As I reflect on that advice, like many, I wonder what the easy stuff is. It seems like everything that I do is hard stuff. Wonder […]

Where it all began

Spent the day where it all began in White Oak Mississippi. This was my grandparents place – a small place in the country that grew tons of purple hull peas, tomatoes, catfish, cows and chickens. When I was a young lad, spending every weekend in White Oak and Raleigh was an inconvenience. My friends would […]

Sick Day

One of the things that I’ve heard people say, is to make sure that all cost calculations include your time.  This gives a more true picture of the cost of the service.  The reasoning is that if something would happen to you, how much would you have to pay to get the same work done. […]