Farmers Journal

Fall is in full bloom

Fall is in full bloom at Crout Farm, and we are so excited about the coming year. We have a number of exciting announcements coming up. We have been heads down for the last few weeks preparing for winter. The leaves made a great frame for the old Baptist Church and cemetery. Down a long […]

The Valley

Our little farm is nestled in a larger valley, ridged by Dug Ridge, Pine Ridge and Chestnut Ridge. The Poplar Springs Valley was home to many families over the last 250 years. ¬†Those families were drawn to the cool, deep spring, the fertile land, and the rich forested woods. Across the country, small communities, like […]

The star of the homestead

I have talked about the homestead buildings as being the star of our homestead show, and some folks give me a strange look. There are incredible gifts everywhere around, and all are magical. ¬†When I look around in the early morning and the rolling hills are covered in fog, the reds, oranges and browns of […]