Farmers Journal

Fall is in full bloom

Fall is in full bloom at Crout Farm, and we are so excited about the coming year. We have a number of exciting announcements coming up. We have been heads down for the last few weeks preparing for winter. The leaves made a great frame for the old Baptist Church and cemetery. Down a long […]

Little Tomatoes

Do the hard stuff first. This is advice that I have heard in a number of venues. The idea is really to focus your efforts on getting more done. As I reflect on that advice, like many, I wonder what the easy stuff is. It seems like everything that I do is hard stuff. Wonder […]

Hens in the Greenhouse

The Golden Girls (Blanche, Rose, and Sophia) have been very naughty.  They are now dining in our Greenhouse on my tomatoes.  This morning, I found the new hens partaking of my lovely tomatoes also.