The Treasure in the Walls 

One of the treasures on the homestead is to find new stuff. When we first moved in each week was a new treasure.  A solid pry bar, assorted screws or a working air compressor. Recently we have been cleaning the walls in the bedroom.  Initially we were going with drywall, but a little digging found…Read More

These are the people in your neighborhood

We’ve noticed an increase in the people in our neighborhood – specifically skunks and raccoons. Over the last week the musk of skunks, the chatter of raccoons and the tell tale digging of possums have shown up on the homestead.  We are letting the garden flame out and will be tilling up to put out…Read More

Just in time for the Eclipse

I had been watching a small patch of sunflowers in front of the barn, hoping that they would make it in time for the eclipse. They came in perfectly, and didn’t seem to freak out too bad when the total eclipse happened down our way in Tennessee. The chickens on the other hand freaked out!…Read More

Friendship Tree

Few things in this world are more pleasant than friends. While much of the work that we do on the farm is solitary, both April and I are people people. We enjoy sharing our journey with those whom we come in contact with. While most of us would agree that our job, is well work,…Read More

The Valley

Our little farm is nestled in a larger valley, ridged by Dug Ridge, Pine Ridge and Chestnut Ridge. The Poplar Springs Valley was home to many families over the last 250 years.  Those families were drawn to the cool, deep spring, the fertile land, and the rich forested woods. Across the country, small communities, like…Read More