What a difference the right tool makes when doing a job.  We have probably all used the tool that we have. when the right tool was lacking.  I always get a kick out of April using a butter knife as a screwdriver.  It works, but its not the right tool. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve […]

Farmers Journal

Good Monday Morning

Good Morning.   This day, and week hold the promise of several exciting developments at the farm.  Like our flowers, they start as tiny seeds, and before we know it turn into beautiful flowers.  Patience is required, and I’m learning each day about patience. I have two experienced craftsmen coming by this week – one a […]

Deeply Rooted

Mom and Dad had told me that they had videoed a special on PBS about a guy who was saving seeds from Washington Parrish in Louisiana.  I was blown away when I watched it with them.  Not only was this an excellently prepared documentary, but the subject John Coykendall was fascinating. Here is a link […]

Farmers Journal

What a busy few weeks

What a busy few weeks it has been. Lots of change, and excitement. Let me do some ‘splainin. A new job – I started full time work on the farm. This has been a roller coaster of extreme excitement, self doubt, and apprehension. I think this is normal, and each day brings a stronger confidence […]