Colonial American Farming

Come celebrate Independence Day with us as we reflect on our founding farmers crops, methods and tools. Too often we see history through the lens of our understanding. For this course, we will look at what was possible, as well as the consequences of success and failure.


  • Introductions
  • Who were our Founding Farmers and why did they farm (10 minutes)
  • What were the crops that the farmers would grow (10 minutes)
  • How did one become a farmer (10 minutes)
  • Working the land
    • Considerations for preparing a plot (10 minutes)
    • What was the characteristics of the land of the Colonial Farmers (5 minutes)
    • Colonial American Tractors – (5 minutes)
    • Working the land – We will use some of the Colonial Tools to work the land (30 minutes)
  • Daily Chores – (10 minutes)
  • Harvest – (10 minutes)
  • Preserving the Harvest – (10 minutes)
  • Sharing the Harvest – We will enjoy a sample of some Colonial American Dishes (60 minutes)