The star of the homestead

I have talked about the homestead buildings as being the star of our homestead show, and some folks give me a strange look.

There are incredible gifts everywhere around, and all are magical.  When I look around in the early morning and the rolling hills are covered in fog, the reds, oranges and browns of fall peaking through completing a vista that pictures cannot capture, it’s hard not to think of the land as being the star of the show.

Often I will stop my work, wiping sweat from my brow, as a gentle breeze cools me.  The feeling of freedom, the feeling of independence overwhelms and it certainly is arguable that this freedom is the true heart of this lifestyle.

My heart keeps reaching out though to the community, and to these old buildings which reflect the struggles, successes and life of a people that came together to forge a life.

A trip to the mailbox, reminds me of the community in this valley.  Our neighbor to the southwest is a beautiful white church.  The families that have lived in this valley have worshiped, been married, and deaths mourned in that church.

It underscores for me the connection between the buildings and the people.