Meet the Farm

The star of this show is definitely the farm.  Settled as a homestead in the late 1940’s, the farm we inherited has five outbuildings.


The Farm House

The house was built in 1947 by Wiley Green as a home for his son. Records seem to indicate that Wiley’s son lived in the house for a couple of years before selling to the Sanders family.  The house and farm stayed in the Sanders family until we purchased it in 2014.

If I had to describe the house in one word it would be SHIPLAP – original shiplap.  A second word would be small.  There are no closets in the house, and it has been added on to on at least two occasions.  The house is 1350 square feet.

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The Carport – Flower Workshop

The Carport is a cool shed that sits closest to the church.

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The Smoke House

On a good day, close your eyes, and you can smell the smoke from a lifetime of smoking meat.  This is one of my favorite buildings and it sits near the back of the house.  Made of 6 foot cement walls in the bottom, it is a two story building.  We are using the bottom as a root cellar, and as best we can tell the temps stay between 60 and 30, which makes it a great spot for canned goods.

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The Work Shop

A blacksmiths forge and great working table are the heart of the workshop.

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The Barn

Our favorite spot to gaze upon, even though it is in need of an upgrade.  The old pole barn symbolizes harvest, protection and preparation – all key components of this lifestyle.


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The Baptist Church next door