A Season on the Farm, December

With the simple flip of a page, the calendar now reads 2019, and the first season on the farm is over. Whew. What a year. And yet, so much more that needs to be done. This was our first year, and much of our focus was on learning and building infrastructure. To recap our infrastructure…Read More

A Season on the Farm, November

The first frost and first freeze have come and gone, and now the warm memories of the summer mix with the fond hopes for next spring.  A sense of thanksgiving for the harvest, and a foreboding sense of anxiety for the winter to come figure prominently in each days activities.  Wood is being chopped, gardens…Read More

A Season on the Farm, October

As the green leaves of summer held on for their last days, the promise of cooler temperatures, and the beauty of Autumn overshadowed most all of the activities on the homestead.   What a wonderful growing season this had been, and as much as we wanted it to last forever, the promise of winters chill brings…Read More

A Season on the Farm, September

There should be laughter after pain There should be sunshine after rain These things have always been the same So why worry now Dire Straits – Why Worry The rains of August began to subside in September.  The gray clouds that had paced my mind for the last days gave way to hope.  While there…Read More

A Season on the Farm, August

  As the sun dips its bright light beneath the western sky for the last time in August, I breathe a deep sigh of relief, thankful that this chapter of a season on the farm is in the books. For this magical adventure this year has been a series of so many firsts and exploration.…Read More