More In-Door Planting

Finished Potting the Ranunculus (50) today.  I also got two Amaryllis Plants, Planted Basil, Tomato and Oregano.  I can’t wait till warmer weather! The Farmer’s Wife            

Spa Time for the Ranunculus

It takes a lot of TLC for these beauties! The Ranunculus has been soaking all day today while I worked on unpacking and my indoor gardening.    They need to be soaked for 10 hours.  Once the soaking  process has been completed, I will separate,  pot and place  them  1″ deep in soil.  I will…Read More

Indoor Gardening: 2018

Light Therapy It was a whopping 30 degrees high today. I spent some quality time with our plants that the Farmer planted earlier in December. These girls are… Amazon Neon Purple Dianthus (Sweet William) No.1-5 Chantilly White Snapdragon No. 6-10 Rudbeckia  Indian Summer No. 11-12 Dianthus Marie Chabaud No. 13-16 They were needing a little…Read More