Fall is in full bloom

Fall is in full bloom at Crout Farm, and we are so excited about the coming year. We have a number of exciting announcements coming up. We have been heads down for the last few weeks preparing for winter. The leaves made a great frame for the old Baptist Church and cemetery. Down a long…Read More

Little Tomatoes

Do the hard stuff first. This is advice that I have heard in a number of venues. The idea is really to focus your efforts on getting more done. As I reflect on that advice, like many, I wonder what the easy stuff is. It seems like everything that I do is hard stuff. Wonder…Read More

Hens in the Greenhouse

The Golden Girls (Blanche, Rose, and Sophia) have been very naughty.  They are now dining in our Greenhouse on my tomatoes.  This morning, I found the new hens partaking of my lovely tomatoes also.