Meet the Flowers

What a joy it has been to watch the gems that Mrs. Sanders had planted years ago, mix with the annuals and perennials we are planting all coming to life as winter fades and spring rises forth.

The Magnolia Tree – Before she looked at the property, April declared that she would be sold on this farm, if it had a magnolia tree.  I had visited and knew it had two very large, and prominent magnolias.   We liked the magnolias so much, they are part of our logo.  We have leaves every week, and blooms in early June.

Forsythia – One of the legacy flowers on the farm, this beautiful yellow bush is a sure harbinger of bright sunny springs.  Forsythia is shown in this picture (the yellow bush) interspersed among a spirea bush (the white flowers).

Spirea is a perennial (comes back year to year) and has a lovely white flower which makes great accents.

Each year we plant thousands of Tulips, Daffodils and Spring Bulbs.  These not only brighten the farm, but are also among our first flowers to share.

Ranunuculus and Anemones are pedigreed flowers which make for elegant bouquets.

The Summer Flowers

Early Summer brings the Snapdragons, Larkspur, and Stock out.  These flowers are planted in late fall, and overwinter, so their emergence is always a good sign that the summer growing season is on.

We try to plant Sunflowers as early as possible, since we know everyone loves sunflowers.  There are so many varieties of beautiful sunflowers and it is exciting to watch as a mixed row of sunflowers comes up, with some having peach blooms, others with light green and still others in the familiar yellow – all having different heights.

Zinnia’s are a fun and sunny summer flower.

Cosmos, Statice, Dianthus are bright colorful flowers that make bouquets pop.

Probably one of our favorite flowers is the Lisianthus.  This delicate rose like flower has a long life and is a beautiful flower.  It is one of the slowest growing flowers on the farm.

Later in the summer, the dahlia’s will emerge.

How we Farm