The Unsung Beauty of the Cotton Plant

Cotton was a mainstay cash crop on many small farms in the early 1900s and our class will focus on the cotton history of East Tennessee. The cotton flowers will be on the plants and are spectacular. And yes, the title is a little tongue in cheek as there are loads of songs about cotton. There is no question though that over the last 50 years it’s luster has faded.

One of the prettiest blooms, and that is saying a lot on a flower farm!

Course Outline


History, or who figured out that a small white ball of smooth stuff would make great T Shirts – (15 minutes)

The History of Cotton and its impact on the pre Civil War South (20 minutes)

Cotton Flower Appreciation (45 minutes)

Cotton as a cash crop in the early 1900’s (20 minutes)

Cotton in East Tennessee – not all of our agriculture was corn from a jar – (20 minutes)

Growing Cotton and why you should be aware of the impact of the Boll Weevil (15 minutes)

Cotton in 2019 (20 minutes)