The Treasure in the Walls 

The Treasure in the Walls 

One of the treasures on the homestead is to find new stuff. When we first moved in each week was a new treasure.  A solid pry bar, assorted screws or a working air compressor.

Recently we have been cleaning the walls in the bedroom.  Initially we were going with drywall, but a little digging found shiplap.

In stripping the wall paper we discovered an even bigger treasure, at least to me. The walls were coated with a well preserved 1957 Knoxville News Sentinel. Before I thought about it I had pulled off a back to school ad.

Here is an ad that was on the wall.

I’ve always heard the Baum name in Knoxville, but really not aware of the background.  A little research led to this great article on the Baum Home Flowers company.

Charles Baum started the Baum Home Flowers business in 1889.  The Baums introduced Gladioli to the South, and when Mr. Baum died it was said of him: “Not only did achieve a little success and a lot of satisfaction from his chosen vocation, but his exemplary life and devotion to duty was such that all his children were influenced to follow his example and remain in the business he established. It can truly be said that he plucked a thistle and planted a flower wherever he thought a flower would grow. ”

That is certainly a treasure to seek after.