These are the people in your neighborhood

We’ve noticed an increase in the people in our neighborhood – specifically skunks and raccoons.

Over the last week the musk of skunks, the chatter of raccoons and the tell tale digging of possums have shown up on the homestead.  We are letting the garden flame out and will be tilling up to put out a cover crop next week.  In the meantime, the neighbors are taking advantage of the melons, tomatoes, and squash.  They are also making their presence known in most unpleasant ways.

My exultation at his expiration was quickly shortened by his exhalation.

Lots of reasons for the flame out of the garden, but primarily time.  Like most things on the farm, time is a precious commodity.  Our garden slipped away from us in mid July, and we never really recovered.  With a house for sale, job pressures and a kingdom to run, we were simply swamped.

Which brings us back to the neighbors.  They are preparing for winter and using our place for logistics support.  I’ll be more careful in putting up the chicken food and bird seed.  And I’ll hold off on grilling for a couple of weeks.

I can’t really show you the pictures I have of the skunks and raccoons, but I can show you pictures of our other neighbor – Mr. Deer.