I hopped on Linkedin – a business networking site on Saturday, and was prompted with a notification that several people had looked at my profile page. This is common, as many recruiters and companies will often reach out when they have need to ask a question or maybe see if I am interested in changing jobs.

As we are chronicling here, I’m undergoing a bit of a transition. After almost 30 years in Technology, I’m looking at other options about how I can serve in this world, and best use the talents I have. My profile description on Linked is: Team Focused IT Executive, Market and Flower Garden Farmer. I’ve gone through the description several times, trying to put the right title onto the page.

This time the search results were different though. Most of the searches were based on the word Farmer. That kind of surprised me.

Its been amazing to April and I as we go into this journey the number of people who not only don’t disapprove, but are seeking the same kind of future. We used to whisper our dreams – I, uh am going to be a flower farmer, wow this weather has been crazy right. Lately though, we have gone from whispering our goals, to finding a voice that reinforces the dream.

So the search results showing more people looking for farmers than for project management, or Team Focused, or IT Management still floored me.

But really should it. Joel Salatin, a vocal farming advocate asks the question – Do you know your farmer. Go by any farmers market and then run by the local grocery store. 10 at the grocery story to 1 at the farmers market – I’ll guarantee it. Most people (myself for years as well) would rather go get anonymous food than spend a little more to get fresher food. Or better yet – to grow your own fresh tomatoes or greens. Thats a rant for another day.

I feel like I am not ready to give advice or be available to be the FARMER for those who were seeking on LinkedIn. I have a lot to learn, and continue to be amazed at the people who keep our country fed. I will get there, and am enjoying sharing the voyage with you.