Sick Day

One of the things that I’ve heard people say, is to make sure that all cost calculations include your time.  This gives a more true picture of the cost of the service.  The reasoning is that if something would happen to you, how much would you have to pay to get the same work done.

I had a brief touch of sick leave this weekend.  We had big plans for the weekend, bringing a couple of extra folks in to help fix up the barn, clean downed logs, and generally getting ahead of several things.  That was until I had soup for lunch on Friday.  I’ve always had a cast iron stomach, but the chicken soup was poison, and I knew it as soon as it was down.  Spending the last 24 hours in the dark was a necessary evil, but it made me focus on what would happen when we couldn’t get out.

A blog I enjoy reading is Patrice Lewis’s Rural Revolution and she had a great posts on tips for older homesteaders.

While 24 hours down is not by any means a show stopper, it does cause one to think.